And baby makes three (or five...or seven)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I was reading over on bloggingbaby about a new stroller that just came out. I guess it allows an older child to ride standing up, while the younger kid is in the normal stroller position.

This sounds pretty cool, but I have to confess something: I have strollerphobia. For some reason, those things just scream uncool to me, however useful they may be. I guess, in my head, they really scream "YOU ARE SO OLD, LIVING IN SUBURBIA. WHERE'S THE MINIVAN I SHOULD BE RIDING IN?" The hubby and I have vowed to not even purchase one until the babe is too heavy to be worn in a sling or in the Bjorn.

We borrowed a stroller from my friends for a day and I still feel the same way. That thing was a beast. I'll admit it was convenient when we were shopping, but it still felt weird to be using it.

Of course, we were blessed with the baby that's gained a pound a week (that's right -- a whole freakin' pound), so the days we can still carry him are getting numbered.


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