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Friday, May 19, 2006

Fred Meyer - Family Friendly?

Fred Meyer has had some problems recently with their family-friendly image. Just a few weeks ago, a local mother was asked to cover up while nursing her baby at the Gateway Fred Meyer because some other customers were offended. I stopped shopping there during that debacle to show support for that mama and the right to nurse your baby wherever and whenever he is hungry.

Anyway, that situation resolved itself in a positive way, and I started shopping there again. So, last night, I noticed they have a "Family Friendly" checkout aisle. That seems like such a good idea. I figure the line must be clear of any impulse buys, candy, and magazines. Well, apparently their definition only includes the magazines, so the line still has little trinkets and candy bars at a kid's eye level.

I'm glad to see that there are no magazines in the checkout but if you ask me this is a feeble attempt at best. If it were truly family friendly, it would be free of anything that harmful to children (i.e. candy) or things that cause parents additional angst at the checkout line.


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