And baby makes three (or five...or seven)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth!

We run a small circus here in our house. Well, not a cute, bring-the-kids-for-a-fun-day-out circus. Mostly we have just the circus freaks -- the sideshow. Here are the main players:

The Amazing Escapo
This feline can break out of any room, closet or cage. He has been known to open doors by hanging on the handle and then pulling them open. Last night, he was stuck in a closet and we awoke to the startling sounds of his escape attempt.

The Spectacular Canine Garbage Disposal
He may be cute, but he can eat you out of house and home - literally. In the past, he has pushed over garbage cans at least 3 times his size, only to eat the entire remants of the previous night's buffalo wings. Yes, he ate all the bones and lived to tell. Lately, he's taken to eating laundry again -- particularly the socks and the crotch of pants. Sadly, this causes the SCGD to have bad tummy aches and even aggrevates his epilepsy. Luckily he is so committed to his craft you can be guaranteed to see more of this shocking behavior.

The Ringmaster
Like the ringmaster at a circus, this girl runs the show. She rounds up all the other freaks in the house and forces them to do her will. She's been known to pin down Escapo and chew on his ear. Even he can't escape that.

The incredible growing baby
You can almost watch him grow out of his clothing.


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