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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Strollerphobia, take two

My mom bought lil a a stroller to celebrate his blessing. Yes, people, that's right. A stroller. If you've read up on this blog, you know my strong feelings about strollers, however irrational and impractical those feelings may be. In fact, over they weekend, had you been a fly on the wall you may have even overheard me say how strollers "represent everything that is wrong with the world." Ahem.


I have to admit something.

I don't hate it. I might actually like it.

She bought the stroller frame that goes with our car seat. So it's not very big and cumbersome. We can only use it as long as lil a is in his infant car seat, which might only be a few more months, but by that time, we will be able to figure what features we are looking for in a new one.

Now, I still stand by my guns that some strollers represent all that is evil in the world. Just not this one.


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