And baby makes three (or five...or seven)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Neck Cleaning

My baby is a chubby little monkey. He's got rolls of fat coming off him, presumably protecting him from the dangerous life of the baby-makes-three family. (Someone must've known he was in a for quite a ride.) This has resulted in the creation of a quite a few chin rolls, which can trap anything and everything that gets in the way. (I've heard rumors that the missing WMDs might be that you in there?) The sucky thing is that when stuff gets trapped there, it's really hard to clean it out. If you don't get it clean though, it gets all red and even smelly (I've heard. My child smells like lilacs on a warm spring day. Always.)

Anyway, we were having our weekly breakfast with the VW family and papa VW had such a great tip. If you lift the baby above you, airplane style, the chin rolls are exposed and you can clean them out! This is a two person job, unless you can lift your baby and wipe at the same time (what a feat!).


  • LOL - your baby is adorable! I see no chin rolls. If they exist perhaps he is just harvesting crumbs for snacks later on :)

    By Blogger Mama M, at 10:11 PM  

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