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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I always feel like somebody's watching meeeee

As you know, we live in Suburbia, that iconic place where the sun is always shining and children are out safely playing happily together in the cul-de-sac. Yeah. That's where we live. Apparently in this version of hell, neighbors watch out for neighbors, you know, like in Mayberry.

We used to live in the city. I had no idea who my neighbors were and was very happy that way. I knew the bum on the corner of 6th and Pike on a deeper level than I knew the lady (or was it a guy?) that lived right down the hall from me.

But here in Suburbia, the neighbors are getting a little nosey. Each time I talk to them, they feel the need to comment on something that's going on at our house -- "What are you guys having done to your lawn?" Fertilization lady. That's all. The best part is when our (Latina) nanny took lil a out for a walk, the neighborhood moms apparently didn't know she speaks English, because they began talking very loud about her, asking each other who in the world could she be. And then, when my lovely nanny was getting ready to leave, one of them tried to speak to her in Spanish. When she answered "WHAT?!" they kindly told her in English that is was OK to back her car up.

Yeah. Later that day, I ran into them and was asked if that lady was family or not. She very well could be, but sorry folks, she's not. And how is that their business anyway?

I'm thinking of doing weird things on purpose, just to add some drama to their days. They apparently need it. Don't be surprised if my next post describes how I erected a shrine in my front lawn and how I changed my house number to 666. Anything to keep them interested.


  • Maybe you spill the beans on the SUPER OFFENSIVE wireless connection name within Well, actually, maybe it explains the "curiosity".

    By Anonymous A, at 3:39 PM  

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