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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Earth seizure

Oscar sleeps with us at night. We like to say it's because we want to know if he has a seizure (a valid reason, right?) and that's mostly correct, but we also know that he would not have it any other way, epilepsy or not. Can anyone say spoiled doggy?

Anyway, early this morning, I awoke to the bed trembling. I immediately yelled "seizure!" and tried to wake eno up. Meanwhile, I looked down at Oscar, who was quietly sleeping at the bottom of the bed. I was completley confused (not uncommon for me when awoken unexpectedly). So I looked around the room. Cat? Check -on the chair. Baby? Asleep next to me (for the moment). Hubby? *soundly* sleeping as well. WTF?

Turns out it was an earthquake - 3.8 in magnitude. Not huge, but certainly big enough to remind all of that we live in an earthquake zone.

Thanks, Mother Nature, for ruining a really good baby-sleep night. The earthquake woke up him and he stayed awake for an hour or so. Good news though -- that was the only time he woke up last night. Somehow, I'm still exhausted.


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